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This is a very cool idea, saving it for later!

Thanks! It works pretty well to generate chord progressions. :)


Have been using this a bunch, it's great for getting me out of my "comfort zone" chord progressions that I normally tend to lean towards. The interface is pretty cool too & more fun to use than a typical webpage or VST. Good stuff!

Here's an example of a short song I wrote using this:

WOW! So cool to know someone is using this for composition! This is a really interesting track, very "modular" sounding.  Thanks so much for sharing. :)


Hey, this is super cool! As someone that isn't musically trained it's hard to figure out what notes the chords constitute - it'd be cool to have a feature that shows that. Really useful tool! 

That is exactly a feature I'm looking to implement eventually! I had a request for that from someone else as well, so know that you're not alone.  The main thing is a)figuring out the best way to display it, and b)to do the work of inputting all the notes as common names, ie "Bb" "F#" etc, rather than the way the program automatically named the files: "A_3" where the _ represents a #... clearly not very obvious. haha

Thanks for your interest!

I couldn't open it because my computer keeps deleting it because it's a "dangerous file"

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Sorry about that, it's in no way dangerous of course, but not sure of the best work around. I know when I get those messages there's usually an option to "open anyway"

edit: just tested it, it says it's an "unrecognized app", I clicked on "more info" then " run anyway" at the bottom.  It's up to you of course, but as I said it's not dangerous and I've opened countless indie games that gave the same message


This is really cool! thanks for making it and can't wait for updates

well there's been an update since you commented, so enjoy! There's more to come too of course. :